Net Zero Vision to Action: Decarbonization with the use of AIoT


26 JUNE 2023, 02:30 PM


Hossain Towhid, Built Environment Director (APAC, North America), Envision Digital


Ar. Benjamin Henry Towell, Executive Director, Sustainability Office, Global Wholesale Banking, OCBC

Tjhin Poi Chung, Head of Applied Rail Technologies, Engineering, SMRT

Join us for a captivating panel discussion titled ‘Net Zero Vision to Action: Decarbonization with the use of AIoT,’ where representatives from SMRT and OCBC share their insights on the integration of AIoT in their journey towards net zero emissions.


They will delve into how technology and data intelligence are shaping decision-making processes, improving efficiency, and driving carbon reduction strategies. SMRT will discuss the delicate balance of maintaining cost-efficiency while driving sustainability, sharing challenges encountered and overcome.


Meanwhile, OCBC will provide valuable advice to various sectors navigating their energy transition and tackle the crucial role of transparency in mitigating greenwashing accusations.


The discussion will further explore how partnerships between banks, technology providers, and industry players can accelerate climate action and guide us all towards a net-zero future.