Towards Digital Sharing of Verified Global Warming Potential Data in Constructional Steel Products


27 JUNE 2023, 02:45 PM


Ayhan Tugrul, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at CARES

This presentation outlines how Life-Cycle emissions data is accurately calculated for specific steel producers, reinforcing products and fabrication, how 3rd party verification provides confidence in it and how an innovative collaboration is developing a solution that aims to digitise the constructional steel supply chain.

This is the foundation to create a digital twin of the built assets with accurate constructional steel information being traced from as-designed 3D BIM through manufacturing, robotic-driven fabrication and installation, to as-built BIM models for handover.

Upfront ‘embodied’ carbon emissions – Global Warming Potential (in CO2e per tonne of steel product) – and other environmental data, held within a fully verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) flow through this system enabling easier identification and selection of lower and accurate calculation of constructional steel embodied emissions. This improves the scores available within ‘Green’ building and infrastructure rating systems and can support sound decision making in the race to Net-Zero.