Ar. Benjamin Henry Towell


Executive Director, Sustainability Office, Global Wholesale Banking, OCBC


Benjamin is a Registered Architect, a Chartered Surveyor, and a Chartered Environmentalist. He is the Executive Director for the Global Wholesale Banking Sustainability Office and subject matter expert at OCBC, facilitating the bank and its customers transition to a low carbon, regenerative economy. He has a keen focus on SMEs as well as leading the bank’s global net zero ambition for the built environment sector.

Benjamin helps develop innovative financial solutions, thought leadership and sustainability advisory services for OCBC and its customers. In addition, he is part of the CRREM Global Scientific and Investor Committee, involved in challenging, and shaping credible 1.5oC aligned net zero reference pathways for the built environment.

He is the SingaporeGBC’s representative for the World Green Building Council’s Sustainable Finance Taskforce and ESG working group, building the conduit between the worlds of finance, climate action and the built environment.

Prior to joining OCBC he played a leading role in the development of Singapore’s environmental policy landscape including the development of BCA Green Mark, advancing net zero energy through the Super Low Energy (SLE) Programme and the Public Sector’s roadmap for climate action, (GreenGov.SG).

Benjamin is also the author of the SIA Green Book, which frames the Architectural professions direct response to the deep socio-ecological crisis of the Anthropocene age.